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Since 1986, Autec® has designed, produced and marketed wireless control systems with specific attention to operator safety in mind. We work to guarantee operators the maximum ease of use and freedom of movement, which provides for safer and more efficient machine control. We offer a unique quality concept in all of our products and services. Autec® radio controls are characterized by a high-level of technological innovation, where functional safety surrounds every phase of their design, manufacture, and use.

All electronic and mechanical parts are designed, manufactured and tested to withstand heavy use in adverse conditions. Testing factors include extreme temperature, shock and vibration, corrosive substances (oils, paints, thinners, cleaners, etc.), electromagnetic disturbance, as well as dust and water. Autec AIR Handheld transmitters feature casings with IP65 protection. 100% of the radio controls produced are subject to functional testing with specific equipment to ensure proper construction of each component that goes into an Autec® radio system. An effective traceability system allows us to precisely identify the origin of components, as well as the manufacturing activities performed throughout the production process, to ensure the highest levels of safety and reliability. Learn more at autecsafety.com