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PE® is also one of the early pioneers of solid-state A.C. motor soft-start controls and complete control panels. Currently located in East Dundee, Illinois, our new multilevel manufacturing production facility allows PE® to maintain and increase product quality, reliability, and offer short lead times to our customers.

As a world-class manufacturer of Micro-Speed® variable frequency drives and Smooth-Move® reduced torque control units, PE® equipment is world-renowned for high reliability and quality. Multi-Vector® drives also make PE® the world leader in heavy-duty closed loop quality hoist speed control. With over a quarter of a million crane/hoist motions utilizing Power Electronics® International, Inc. equipment, you can be assured if it’s PE® then it’s the best! PE® is also a U.L. and C-U.L. approved manufacturer of quality control panels and automation systems. Learn more at peinfo.com